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TOKYO2020 Ticket Design Concept

Despite all the clamour and uncertainty amidst its postponement, Tokyo 2020 still went ahead from 23 July to 8 August this year. I do love the streamlined design scheme of Tokyo 2020, but having hosted the Games in 1964 as well, it got me thinking, “How can I integrate the 1964 Games with the 2020 Games?” The 1960s were a time when Japan was transitioning from a traditional empire to embracing Western influence, which I thought was pretty much aligned with what I wanted to do. I was really inspired by posters and designs from Tokyo 1964 and similar images of that era as shown below. The designs reflect the hybrid, avant-garde, and Bauhaus influences. In doing so, main colours from the Olympic Rings were used, but muted down and contrasted with the pictograms from this year’s Games.

Although I didn’t go so far as to redesigning the whole logo, I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did executing it!

This is a personal project is not affiliated with Tokyo2020, the Olympics and its associations in any way.
I do not own any of the photographs from the moodboard or pictograms used in this project.

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