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KeenWah MilQ Sell Sheet

KeenWah MilQ is Australia's first quinoa milk. There are so many unique aspects to this brand. Above all, it is nutritious, sustainable, and Australian made and owned.

I was tasked to create a sell sheet to help sales representatives introduce KeenWah MilQ to store owners and convince them to range it in their supermarket or café. These sales reps are people who are genuinely interested in learning about the product but are typically unable to give it much time.

Because there are so many unique aspects to KeenWah MilQ, I made sure to use as many graphic elements to reflect each point while keeping the layout simple. I referenced the design of the shippers and units to bring the sell sheet to life and to keep the design consistent throughout.

This was my first sell sheet and I definitely enjoyed the process. There was a conscious effort to retain the fun and loud element of the brand while keeping a simple layout to emphasise the unique aspects of KeenWah MilQ.

Learn more about KeenWah MilQ at

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